May 4th, 2016

Bro. James Saart receives his 25-year pin from Bro. Bob Mulvaney

Ellen Dew, Bro. Bob Dew the 25-year pin recipient, Bro. Bob Mulvaney, Wor. Mike Miller

Rt. Wor. Dick Johnson views the new case with his original Deputy Grand Master apron

(L to R)Sr. Warden Joe Delano, with 10-year pin recipients ,Bros. David Williams, Steve Kotsopoulos, Shawn McCarthy, Paulo Ribeiro, John Doherty. Bro Bob Mulvaney, Wor. Mike Miller

March 12th, 2016

Junior Grand Warden Rt. Wor. Dennis Reebel is presented with the Henry Price Medal from Grand Master Waugh.

Wor. Robert Archibald receives the Joseph Warren, Distinguished Service, Medal from Grand Master Harvey Waugh.

March 2nd 2016
RW DDGM Rick Ellis presents Vetran Medals to Bro. Steve Hoffman, Cliff Fenton and Wor. Walter Dermoorjian

October 20, 2013
Family BBQ event held at UB. The game was called "Turn Your Daddy Into a Mommy!".


September 14th, 2013
Hudson Family Fun Event - CHIP Program


June 2nd, 2013
Marlborough's Main St 5th Annual Car Show

This event started when the Lodge was celebrating it's 150th Anniversary here in Marlboro. In celebration we decided to host a car show in conjunction with the Push Rods of Waltham. The event was so well received that it has since become an  annual tradition. Each year all proceeds are donated to a chosen charity.