United Brethren Pinewood Derby

So you want to race in United Brethren's Pinewood Derby? You have two options, use a car you previously built as a Scout when you were a few years younger ;) or build a new one. We will have two racing classes available , official Boy Scout rules and an unrestricted class. Unrestricted class while pretty much open, you must follow the general rules below. This will ensure the cars are high enough to clear the track and not hit any of the other cars. 

Ground clearance 3/8”
Clearance between wheels 1 ¾” 
Maximum car width 2 ¾ inches

                                    Offical BoyScout Rules                            Unrestricted Class Rules
                                                     Maximum weight 5.0 ounces                                                No combustible substances 
                                                    Maximum car length 7 inches                                                          No remote wires

WHEN      : March 5th
    Registration  : 2pm - 2:30pm
     Racing             : 2:30 - 5pm

WHERE   :  
United Brethren Lodge
United Brethren Lodge    
8 Newton St, Marlborough,MA

Where can I get a Pinewood Derby kit? 
The official cars can be picked up at the local Scout Shop located in Southborough or online at the BSA store (see links below). Pinewood Derby kits can also be found at most hobby shops or various online sites including Amazon (see links below).

New England Scout Shop 
New England Scout Shop
23 Turnpike Rd

MA 01772

Official BSA Store         Amazon
          BSA Store                    Pinewood Derby on Amazon